The Partners

Fernwärme Zürich AG is a joint venture of ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich and EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG in Stuttgart. ERZ holds 60 percent of the voting share capital in the company, while EnBW holds 40 percent.

The two partners combine their expertise with the aim of ensuring the safe operation of the waste incineration power plant to guarantee both an uninterrupted supply of heat and the supply of waste needed to do so. Fernwärme Zürich AG profits from the extensive experience of experts in both companies. The Josefstrasse facility is operated and maintained by the experienced ERZ staff.

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is the third-largest German energy company and is focused on electricity generation and trading, electrical grid and sales, gas, energy and environmental services. With its own, partially-owned power plants, participations and long-term supply contracts, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG ensures an efficient and eco-friendly generation mix from nuclear energy, coal, wind, photovoltaik, gas and water. Its main business includes the production of electricity and district heating, the thermal processing of waste as well as engineering services in the power plant sector.

ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich is responsible for the cleanliness, sewage, waste management and energy production cycles in the City of Zurich. As the largest energy producer within the city limits, ERZ converts waste to heat and electricity in its Hagenholz waste incineration power plant and thereby supplies eco-friendly energy for the urban population. Together with Fernwärme Zürich AG, this covers approximately 16 percent of the heat required by the City of Zurich. With a staff of around 890 people, ERZ makes a responsible contribution daily to the quality of life in the City of Zurich.

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