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Here you can find out about the current situation regarding the construction site around the wast heat power plant at Josefstrasse. Baustellen-Info 01-2019

Fernwärme Zürich AG compensates for CO2 emissions.
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Eco-friendly energy for Zurich

Fernwärme Zürich AG is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich. At the Josefstrasse waste incineration power plant it processes waste to produce eco-friendly heat for the Zurich West district. In the process, Fernwärme Zürich AG provides safe, economical and ecological energy generation and waste processing, which primarily makes use of waste from neighboring countries.

Waste has been thermally processed at the Josefstrasse facility for over 100 years, which has provided experience in the processing of a wide variety of types of waste. And for over eighty years now the generated heat has been used for the heating of buildings, such as Zurich’s main train station. The plant is located right where the need for hot water and steam actually exists – whether for use as heat for residential and commercial properties or as process heat for industrial operations, such as a large laundry plant located nearby on Josefstrasse. Fernwärme Zürich AG covers a significant portion of the heat requirements in the City of Zurich.

The incineration process does not require any fossil fuels. The energy obtained from the waste is CO2-neutral; 50 percent of the waste material derives from renewable sources. Most of the 110,000 tons of waste needed annually originates from just across the border in Southern Germany. The Josefstrasse waste incineration power plant thus provides up to 8,000 households with heat and around 13,000 households with electricity. If this heat supply were to be obtained from other sources, then the only alternative would be fossil fuels.

The Josefstrasse waste incineration power plant has a modern flue gas cleaning system and operates significantly below applicable emission limits in Switzerland and Europe.

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